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Type of Equipment Price
Blowers & Trimmers $69.95 + parts
Edgers $72.95 + parts
Pumps & Generators $69.95 + parts
Chainsaws $69.95 + parts
Lawnmowers $99.95 + parts
Rototillers $129.95 + parts
33" Wide-cut mowers $169.95 + parts
Rear Engine Riding Mowers $179.95 + parts
Single Cylinder Tractors $199.95 + parts
Twin Cylinder Tractors & Non-Commercial Zero Turns $209.95 + parts
Commercial Wide-Cut Mowers $199.95 + parts
Commercial Zero-Turns $239.95 + parts
Utility Carts $239.95 + parts

*Price does not include flushing of cooling system and replacing of antifreeze. (Recommended every two years)
This service is available for $69.95 (Price of service includes new antifreeze)

  • These prices include normal tune-up, lubrication, tightening, installation of necessary parts, sharpening and balancing of blades.
  • PARTS ARE ADDITIONAL. These prices do not include a $4.95 shop supply fee.
  • Estimate fee of $50.00 will be charged if equipment is NOT repaired.
  • Estimates will be given on any repairs in which parts are estimated to exceed $75.00 on lawnmowers and $150.00 on tractors and zero-turns.
  • Major engine repair is not considered to be a normal tune-up. Estimates will be given.
  • PICK-UP & DELIVERY must be at OUR convenience.

The Ralph Helm, Inc. Advantage

We guarantee that if you buy your equipment here, and should it ever need service, we will complete the job in one working week! If we cannot, you will receive a FREE loaner to use until your unit is ready.

RALPH HELM INC. is a third generation family business which began back in 1923. Co-owners Ralph Helm III, Jim Brandes and Mike Jarvis continue to fulfill the RALPH HELM INC. ADVANTAGE. This service guarantees that if you purchase a piece of equipment from RALPH HELM INC. and should it ever need service we will complete the work in one week or less. If this is not possible you receive a loaner unit to use until your unit is finished.


Due to this extraordinary guarantee there are times during the year, most notably the months of April, May and June, when we may be unable to service equipment purchased elsewhere in a timely manner. In order that you may have the best possible performance from your piece of lawn equipment and to avoid the frustration of extended service delays we recommend you take advantage of our Preseason Service Special. This will get your unit ready for next season well in advance of the Spring rush. Or maybe it is time to trade that unit in on something new. RALPH HELM INC. has preseason pricing on all of our new units and we offer set-up, servicing, and delivery on new units as well as the guarantee of the RALPH HELM INC. ADVANTAGE!

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